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Diseases and Afflictions

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Diseases and Afflictions of Honey Bees

Chart of Honey Bee Diseases and Afflictions

Alert!- The following files are large because of the excellent graphic images of the diseases in question. Be patient and you will be rewarded... a better narative for the pictures is in the works.

Dead larvae (initial phase)
Dried Dead Larvae

  • European Foulbrood

Early Infection
Advanced infection
Brood Nest
Dead Larvae
Dead Scale

  • Chalkbrood

Infected cell
Spores on a larva Mummy
Dead larvae litter the bottom board

Brood nest
Larvae in sac
Larva dead in cell

On bees
The mite itself

Bee Products and Health-

Bee Stings

-How to minimize pain and suffering -Allergy to...

  • -symptoms
  • -treatment
  • -emergency
  • -permanent desensitizing

Other Valuable Bee Reources

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